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Sheet Vinyl

Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Types of Sheet Vinyl flooring.

Today’s sheet vinyl is not your old fashioned linoleum. Modern printing and embossing technology allows for extremely realistic replication of natural looks and textures like stone, slate, and wood. Luxury sheet flooring offers incomparable cushiony softness underfoot combined with easy maintenance. Not only is it stylish, it is budget-friendly and extremely durable. It is ideal for high-moisture rooms such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. This is because sheet Vinyl comes in a single roll that is 6-12 feet wide. Thus limiting the number of seams seen after install. It is completely impermeable to water and can be installed without seams, making it waterproof. Above all, it’s easy maintenance makes it both kid and pet friendly.

Types of Sheet Vinyl - Patterned Tile


Often mimicking the look of tile, a patterned tile sheet vinyl can be an affordable, low maintenance option for a modern looking home. With a broad range of designs, from bright patterns to marbled hexagons, patterned sheet vinyl is always unique and will never yellow. This easy to clean flooring has an advantage over tile due to the lack of stain build up in the grout. This makes the perfect option for high moisture areas, including bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Types of Sheet Vinyl - Stone


When you want a cost-effective, durable and easy-to-install stone floor, opt for sheet vinyl instead of slate or other stone-floor products. Stone printed sheet vinyl requires no sealant, it does not need costly moisture barriers or mortar board installed first, and it is easier on the feet and joints than real stone. In addition, sheet vinyl stays warmer beneath bare feet in the winter and is much easier to keep clean and polished.

Types of Sheet Vinyl - Wood


Unlike classic hardwood flooring, sheet vinyl is waterproof and can be cleaned with a wet mop. In addition, this scratch resistant flooring is the perfect fit for families with children or pets, and above all, is half the amount of maintenance. Because of the significant difference in costs, extremely easy installation, and resistance to moisture, vinyl floors have recently gained in it’s popularity over hardwood.

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