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Hardwood Flooring

Types of hardwood flooring, for a completely different look.

Hardwood flooring adds charm and timelessness to your home interiors, and most importantly, they gain a character as they age. In addition to their longevity, hardwood floors can add value to your home, they reduce allergens, and they are easy to clean.  However, not all hardwood are made the same. The varying types of hardwood flooring offer a range of textures and depths.

Types of Hardwood Flooring - Handscraped


Hand scraped hardwood has a distinct look and old world feel that goes back hundreds of years. Each board of Vintage’s hand scraped hardwood flooring is unique, scraped and crafted by hand then stamped on the back by the craftsman. Hand scraped floors tend to require less maintenance than smooth finish floors and help hide everyday wear. They are contoured to accentuate the natural beauty and character of each species.

Types of Hardwood Flooring -Wire Brushed


Often confused with ‘hand scraped floors’. The difference between the two is that while manufacturing, a rotating wire brush removes the softer spring grain of the wood, highlighting the natural details. This brushing technique, combined with a UV Urethane Oil finish, enhances the wood while preserving the natural look and feel of the brushing. These floors tend to hide dents and scratches extremely well and everyday wear will blend in.

Types of Hardwood Flooring - Fumed


The process of fuming allows White Oak to mimic the appearance of Black Walnut by bringing out the natural tannins of the wood. This allows the color to penetrate the lamella so that scratches and dents will blend in more easily. Adding stain to certain products will produce tones of gray and caramel.

Types of Hardwood Flooring Rift & Quartered


Rift & Quarter Sawn wood is cut at a specific angle to increase stability and minimize warping. The Rift cut has a linear look, while the Quarter Sawn wood has an amazing ribbon-like effect with some flecking. Combining these cuts of wood compliment each other to create a beautiful, stable floor.

Types of Hardwood Flooring - Smooth


Smooth floors have a classic elegance that naturally works with a variety of wood species. There is a large selection available in different grades, widths, and colors. Smooth hardwood doesn’t feature any surface texture. Therefore, the smooth option is great when you want to highlight the wood grain pattern of your floors.

Sculpted Hardwood


“Sculpting” the wood adds depth, detail, and practicality for daily use. That is to say, it is designed to create a naturally aged and weathered surface in the wood by including random chisel marks, scrapes and scuffs, small pinholes, cross-hatched distressing, brushing and other ‘antique’ treatments. To sum up, this is a great choice to help hide everyday wear, while sometimes even enhancing the look.

herringbone Hardwood


Herringbone is a classic geometrical pattern made from short strips of hardwood that are assembled to create a V shape. Likewise, they can be installed in a variety of patterns.

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